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Nostalgia and Old School CH

First off, I don’t quite think this belongs in feedback and suggestions because that is not the intent of this post. Rather, I am gauging interest, generally, for an idea like this. If there is interest and some good feedback, I will make a more formal suggestion in the proper forum. When I was 9 ye...

Re: Rarest Items you have!

Not sure how many of things things are still around. They are “NO TRADE” fashion items from the first two betas. https://i.postimg.cc/pVhkTFjF/3612719-E-B9-EE-44-F6-81-AA-9-F49-E660-EC3-E.png [/url] https://i.postimg.cc/L6jTkFN4/770-FA375-06-BC-46-D3-A076-0-FE9-BACE5-C19.png [/url] https://i.postimg...

Re: Necromancer Daggers for locking?

For raids assuming you have equal gear for both spear and dagger, and also assuming you hotbar swap for sneaky attack if you use a spear, I'd put the ultimate weapon dps chart like this: Gelebron 1. Edl Dagger 2. Void Gele Blade 3. Dl Dagger 4. Void Spear 5. Shadow Gele Blade 6. Shadow Spear 7. Dar...

Re: selling black lugh

Try getting much more for nothing.

Totally just ignore this post.

It is worth.... 2M nice price.
I thought you quit this server?

And I don't think 1.5m is a bad starting place. I've been offered over 3m for my white lugh.

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