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Re: Necromancer Daggers for locking?

For raids assuming you have equal gear for both spear and dagger, and also assuming you hotbar swap for sneaky attack if you use a spear, I'd put the ultimate weapon dps chart like this: Gelebron 1. Edl Dagger 2. Void Gele Blade 3. Dl Dagger 4. Void Spear 5. Shadow Gele Blade 6. Shadow Spear 7. Dar...

Re: Selling Blue Coven Hat

killstealer wrote:Let's just have an in game auction once you tell us who you are :lol:

My Mabon IGN is BellyButton, and I don't see why I need an in-game auction when this is capable of working just fine.

Re: selling black lugh

Jonsa wrote:Try getting much more for nothing.

Totally just ignore this post.

It is worth.... 2M nice price.

I thought you quit this server?

And I don't think 1.5m is a bad starting place. I've been offered over 3m for my white lugh.

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