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Re: Update

Frankly, I’m surprised this game still has people logging anymore. I’ve gone from seriously addicted from 2012 to around 2017, to slowly logging less and less, until I’ve gotten to the point that I read server info from Band more than I even log my toons. It’s sad to see the lack of involvement by ...

Re: Apostate bracelet

Yall been going about this the wrong way https://i.postimg.cc/xdbTJKWy/Untitled.png Take it from a guy that got his two apostates in under two weeks Yall just haven't tried hard enough, we can all be owners of one. Make a whole lock group of apostate owners. The problem is with you not the loot chan...

Re: Hello Mabon

Hello, I'm starting on Mabon, a friend recommended it to me as a server, I already have a Lvl 228 character on another server (which doesn't suit me, but I won't spread this topic here) I will have several questions to address ; - What are the endgame clans ? Are they fighting for the bosses or are...

Re: Servers fill up?

SamySamSamBoss2000 wrote:I was trying to log onto Epona for BT earlier today and I got an alert saying that I couldn't log because the server was full (it said to try again later lol). Could some one explain that? Do servers have a player capacity?

Apparently. Epona only server you'll see that happen.

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