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Re: Ring of the Huntsman

For me its very useful since im dex built ranger and have money to burn, but if u are mage or druid or any other class that doesnt have enough money dont bother to buy one cuz u never know if theres another item in next event that might be more suitable for u or just spend it on elixirs or pots and ...

Re: Imperial Bracelet of the Blade

KiyKiy wrote:
Zexale wrote:
KiyKiy wrote:Jesus christ what would my godly talon be worth on other worlds :shock:

You have a GODLY talon? Like 10 pierce. Geez.

There's two godly talons and a godly crush on belenus, other one owned by naruto. Also various other cruddy godlies.

How come u didnt mention my name? Lol kiy wanna trde brace?

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