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Re: Is Stinging Swarm worth it?

The damage is lower, yes, but it is Poison damage, which is much less resisted than other types of damage, which means that it will do much closer to the max damage than other skills. I would definitely prioritize vines, but swarm is a decent choice of you find yourself fighting multiple mobs at a ...

Re: Small Study: Raw Damage vs. Actual Damage at Constant Resists in PvE

This is data myself and some clannies collected. https://i.postimg.cc/7L7wNhst/Resists.png [/url] Things of note: At 0 resists, the minimum hit is 60% of your max, however the average hit is 75%, not 80%. Maximum resistance is approximately 92%, when a boss' resists become "plateaued" The ...

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