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Re: History of lugh and the clans

These topics show others about what the two top clans are really about. They also spread a lot of misinformation. For example, The clan ancients was formed on lugh and grew to power under the reign of Great chieftain natedog ruling clan in lugh at the time and a clan not to mess with Natedog was th...

Re: OTM staff (Q&A)

Let's see if this revives the discussion. Are there plans to have more frequent updates to the game (monthly for example)? Updates between events would be for bug fixes, implement class balance, adjust loot tables, etc. With the current quarterly update schedule, bugs remain unresolved for an extend...

Re: A Bit About Lugh -Updated-

That is an interesting description of Lugh. It reads more like a recruiting poster for Alliance than an unbiased view of our server. Currently, Lugh is easy to understand.

1. Alliance is the only dominant clan on the server.

2. All the other clans cooperate with one another as we always have.

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