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I am not active To be father take all my time If u need edit this post use my KIK or wechat Or call me by phone and tell me some nasty things

Selling Horse

I am selling 90% Horse for GOLD I hope a good offer.
I am ALOS and ALUS in game. You can mail me here or in game.


////////EPONA\\\\\\\\ In Gallo-Roman religion, Epona was a protector of horses. She and her horses might also have been leaders of the soul in the after-life ride, with parallels in Rhiannonof the Mabinogion. The worship of Epona, "the sole Celtic divinity ultimately worshipped in Rome itself,...

Re: About Epona

be0wulf wrote:Alos you should post this on a new thread and have the topic locked before anyone can ruin it.

I hope a Moderator can help with that and made a post witch stay on top all the time When we finish i will ask them

Re: About Epona

----------CLANS---------- -----Anarchy----- History: Dilvar bought the clan Anarchy off a low lvl player for 20k and a grimling sword, that was 2012 and it is since 2013 the top clan on epona. Many of the oldest players are in here and are generals. Rarely people get kicked or leave the clan. Rules...

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