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Re: is this true?

Do you know the missing flight and the crashing flight QZ8501, MH370 and MH17 add up to 8888? (8501+370+17) that's mean in the Chinese year new there will be another biggest flight accidents in Malaysia airlines so do not take Malaysia flight in the Chinese new year. You will never know which time ...

Re: Baseball hardest sport?

Dopeehead wrote:was it like supposed to be funny? I think that if it was a troll post it was terrible.

You Need to browse the internet more buddy.
Its not supposed to be funny, its there for butthurt people like yourself to respond to. Its known as "bait".

Re: Silence for Leelah Alcorn

Okay woah back up, you say you're a pedophile if you have an attraction to someone under 18. You can't seriously be saying that the 18 year olds in 12th grade dating their 17 year old partners also in the same grade are pedophiles. By definition and legal practice-- yes.... How hard is it living wi...

Re: Silence for Leelah Alcorn

Hello . I am the YuleBro, and I want to give my opinion here... I my self am a gnome (my parents don't believe me but its true), and I am a female in the body of a male. I like women, so that makes me straight or lesbiàn? Now, Im going to say something that may hurt people's feelings.... Being homo...

Re: Point of game is to have fun.

I'm a level 130 warrior just leveling in carrowmore. I decide to shout some funny stuff. And I get some funny reply's from other players. Just having fun. Next thing I know some level 190 is telling me to leave Carrowmore for using shout wrong. Seriously I don't like that high level players think t...

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