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Re: Let's talk sceptres

I haven't tested this thoroughly but am wondering if it's now harder to cast allure of fire with the faster scepter than it was with my standard scepter. It might just be me, but my first impression was that with the faster scepter, I had a harder time getting allure of fire on a target...which is a...

Re: Who's the best tank?

For those of us with less MMORPG experience, this is a good opportunity to ask, "What makes a good tank"? I think I got a lesson this weekend when Incarnation Of Donn tore through our tank pretty quickly. I suddenly realized that without a ton of armour, the damage comes so fast that even ...

Re: Spell hangs are horrendous..

I've been watching and have noted that the spell hangs are not necessarily related to the number in the lower right of the screen (which I assume to be something like a network ping time). I have experienced the lag this weekend with times in the 200-450 range but also when it's only in the 40s. Not...

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