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Re: Rebels

Fine with me, I just hit lvl 30. Hey where is everyone? No one is online when I get on, granted it's late at night but I've been on in the daytime and no one is on

Re: NO PROFIT!!!!!!!!!

Sure but spending a bunch of time selling items? I don't think that sounds like a good use of my time, not enjoyable anyway. Maybe other ppl don't mind it but I don't think that should have to be a must. I want to be able to be self sufficient if I want to, I don't want to have to depend on other pp...

Social Etiquette

I really feel I should speak on this issue. I know others may disagree but what is the point of these forums if we can't voice our opinion. I really like how when you first start the game it encourages people to keep it clean and appropriate. But I feel like maybe I have a couple of suggestions for ...


I deleted the game then reinstalled it like I thought I was supposed to. But when I try to log back in it's saying username or password incorrect. I put it in several times and the username is the same as it was before. What should I do? Is there a way to reset the username/password? Any help would ...

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