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Re: Update 2 challenge

If you really wanna kill him oldschool like we did then everyone must be between level 50-70 max No more than 4(maybe5) people can be allowed in group (as it used to be this way) Best armor was full ancient with weapon if u were lucky, Maybe a few people had warden boots and helms. No warden or mete...

Re: Meteoric weapon quest

They are random, there is no timer They can spawn anywhere in stone. Hog pit, fairy queen pit, stonevale windmill, and most of the large kill area, You will see the swords now when one is up, it's best to just level or farm in stonevale until you get. They do take awhile. This was not designed to be...

Re: Give Chieftains access to the invits and dismissals logs

No offence but I think this is your own fault. You should have a tight knit clan and know all about it. Judging by this post, you have 10-15 guardians? ... We have 2. I do think it's a big problem that you can't trust the leaders you personally gave power too and not sure how you should deal with t...

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