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Re: Crom players, Introduce yourselves!

It's a mage! It's an a**hole! Oh wait, it's just armo. Many dislike me because I enjoy expressing my thoughts, but that's okay! Nuke sometimes has to put her majestic hand around my mouth because I'm no different to my clannies. :lol: Anyways, my CH history. Chose Crom because it had the least ping...

Re: Mage Dragonlord color?

I think they should allow you to also choose what skills could be used with your build, maybe for a small gold or plat few to allow you to alter that, would make being a mage little more intresting :)

Re: Mage Dragonlord color?

I agree with that, which is why I said maybe give each player more power to choose what color armor they want, as you said blue for ice red for fire, the red looks pretty good in my descsion but prob only becuz im a fire mage haha

Mage Dragonlord color?

Hello their, I wanted to suggest or maybe give thought about mages dragonlord color, maybe mages armor color should be changed back to Red? Or maybe give each class the option to alter between the two? Just a suggestion, in my opinion that would be pretty awesome thanks!

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