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Re: Speed to lvl

Let's see first of all it kinda sucks when someone wants in your group and the boss is half dead allso when someone is capable of easily killing a boss without any extra help it's nice to do it in small groups so you have a higher chance of getting a drop allso ounce we finish are sets were giving t...

Re: Shadow knights

1.NO begging
2.no killstealing unless from clan enemy
3.only hunt bosses with clan
4.respect clan members
5.when a new person is added to the clan he/she has to wait 2weeks before boss hunting

Re: Shadow knights

Class leaders in charge of handing out frags and act as chieftain of that class DRUID-luminere,ROGUE-witchookr/sirspunkalot,MAGE-Llayaz,RANGER-drakill1,WARRIOR-darlington

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