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Farewell guys

Well after being scammed multiple times by pedobear63 (be warned) i found that all this game really gave me was somewhere to entertain myself and frustrate me to hell. I've made the decision to quit CelticHeroes as you can trust no one and instead of being the fun game i wanted it ended up being mor...

Re: Itslordmaclir's ranger

Awesed, to get back your character send a support ticket with the name and class(level if possible) and ask for them to replace character on account. Make sure you do this on a char on the same account and you have an extra char slot. If not ask them to replace on a separate account.

Re: List of people to avoid

thats someone that u should avoid but only for advocate: Pocahontes its not like shes a scammer or something, but she calling me an ass and telling me to stfu just cuz i asked from her help cuz my friend TheKisser told me that shes really nice and loyal person Guys Pocahontas is a very kind person....

List of people to avoid

This is a list of known scammed accounts (or account scammers) to avoid. DemonKing11 Fourthree Napster (epicseven sorry you too) Ken2ken Uvais1 Awesed Paramedic Gandalf Darkblaze Wukong Be wary of H34L3R(idk spelling) roVer Thank you guys for all the input and feel free to add as I know I have forgo...

Re: Vixen Scammer Files

I personally believe napster's story considering 1. If this was vixen's ammy she would have shouted that napster was a liar and she did not scam him but instead she whispered to him as to not attract attention to herself. 2. If I am correct vixen is an alt of savageoverdose who has scammed Ceco a go...

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