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Morrigan's Elite Clan

Greetings all from Alliance clan With the new update levels are coming easier than before and that is a good thing because we will need a lot more people hitting level 70+ if we are going to start taking down the Stonevale bosses. as an incentive for people to gain levels we are thinking of increasi...


I have seen a lot of calls for the game designers to include pets into Celtic heroes. They want creatures that will follow them around and help them to fight monsters, maybe take some hits for them. They also want them to be able to level up as they fight, and they will probably want to be able to g...

Vines Damage

what kind of damage are you guys hitting with vines? i am lvl 67 with like 666 nature magic and i have started putting points into vines at 10points i was hitting between 20-55 now at 13 points its more like 30-75 but the values that come up the most haven't moved much perhaps from 40's-50's vines a...

Why can wisps parry?

I keep seeing this question raised as a complaint, presumably where some of you are associating the act of parrying a blow with the use of a weapon. You guys are dumb! Firstly, let’s be clear about the meaning of parry; par•ry (pr) v. par•ried, par•ry•ing, par•ries v.tr. 1. To deflect or ward off (a...

Re: Server upgrades today

since when do the worlds get full?

how many players can a world support?

are the worlds really full? or is this to do with the server update and lag problems?

did you guys limit the maximum number of players allowed in a world in order to reduce the lag?

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