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Re: Oh my god! I just found out about this game!

Welcome! For druids when you lvl you need 3 points on focus and 2 on vitality. That builds a DPS druid, when your higher lvl and have much more skill points you can go full focus. Druids are a hard class to start with so if you want an easier introduction go with a warrior or rogue but it's all abou...

Recent update

This is brilliant news! I'd like to thank the whole team involved in stabilising the servers, it is much more playable. Looking forward to the update and most definitely some cooking and combat xp for Loopy! May the gaming god's be on our side!

Re: Need help

No professional, but have you installed or downloaded anything different in the past week? Sometimes some apps decide after working perfectly once you download or update something new it can cause other apps to not work like they used to. Im on Android IOS 11 and have no issues but rarely download a...

Re: Exp 1.5 until further notice

Great incentive to deal with being kicked off all the time. I hope Loopy can take advantage of this! Also. Well done Deca for continuing to battle the attacks and mopping up after these individuals. It can't be easy stabilising a game like this and keeping everyone happy too. I wish all gamers luck ...

Re: Regarding future events

New to the game. Unfortunately right in the middle of an attack. Really enjoyed what I have been able to of my first event. Fingers crossed Deca are true to their word, have new differing events for vets whilst enticing new gamers, and most importantly secure and steady servers to play on. Its a sha...

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