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Re: ideas and opinions

1° idea and add information boards. that plate would add information like items that map has available on the monsters that map. https://i.postimg.cc/cL1ddS4N/images-1.jpg [/url] information like example golds estimated 3 to 35 golds . information such as weapons, equipment and other items quest bou...

Re: All servers down

the event will end on the 24th and servers are down for another 17 hours. will have an additional hours after the event ends so many players are not enjoying double xp that way ?? . spoiled the fun. ??
?? bounty does not perform server with much instability.

Re: All servers down

was down from 6:47 pm to 12:37 am brasilia time.
deca can this sabando and said was it happened?
came back more, still little instabilities.
Has anyone else come back the same way? dropping conxexao with server?

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