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Re: !! This is enough!!

I clicked on the Celtic Heroes section on the discord group and got some fool talking about paedofiles and another saying he won't give him a timeout yet as he wants to see where it goes!... Seriously?!?!

Click the game announcement section ONLY if you must go there


Was there a restart today? I didn't see any notice or am I going blind? I just asked around and ,yet again, I was sitting here waiting for the servers to come up when you had shut the servers down Thanks a bunch for letting us know This lag is terrible anyway so I don't know why I'm bothering Or are...

So Acalos....

70% of the servers are down Do we wait for them to come up, if youre working on them, at this minute.... Or do we come back in 10hrs cause nobody at Deca has noticed yet? I'm guessing it's the latter, seeing that they've been down most of the day Would be nice to know for sure This is like playing w...

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