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Re: From the desk of mdimarco 9/23/12

Now criminal, look whos talking, the 12 year old "Mr. Know it all" of belenus is calling my brother a scammer? I dont think so, considering that you only enjoy cheating people on deals, and getting free stuff. So i suggest you give ME the 35k up front, to GMHornet. Before you suffer more t...

Re: List of people to avoid

KShater wrote:Hey count, 0andrew0 is a scammer yes but 14andrew14 is not the same person. In fact he is my cousin and i know for sure that he would NEVER scam anyone :D

Ceco lvl 98 warrior
HairyHovno lvl 80 druid
Ceco3 lvl 67 rogue

watch ur words (3-6) ceco

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