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Re: Ice Dragon or Ice Phoenix?

Mages and druids = phoenix hand downs. Additional focus and vitality + skill that decreases ice/fire resistance. Trust me that focus vit bump means nothing once you get DG :P I will always root Phoenix (dragon more dmg assuming Phoenix already on boss/mob 24/7) tho, cuz on off chance someone doesn’...

Re: Warrior Tips

So I'm starting up a new Warrior and would like some tips on how to set him up and also what some nice skills for him to use are. My first Toon I ever made was actually a Warrior, and I stumbled around on him for the first two years of my in-game life. He sucks and I hate his hair, username, and fa...

Re: Pummel or Giant Swing?

Pummel skill is must to have for any build - giant swing on other hand is usefull skill but has longer cooldown. Being lvl 150 warrior, i have pummel 30/35 and giant swing at 1/35 and with shatter for my lvl mobs i almost hit same damage for both of those skills. I've seen endgame toons for bossing ...

Re: Shield to use?

BIGDAWG wrote:So my situation is no DL offhand shield. Do I use the vit 200 shop shield or the resistance one for tanking?

Dragonlord shield > Exalted dragonlord shield > Corruped garden offhand shield all the way for bossing.

Re: Leveling

Hi there fellas I’m a lvl 127 warrior and I need help for stats to solo level (including) skills what should I do I would like to become a hybrid Don't go for hybrid, just go full strength with enough vitality to survive, don't put any points to dex or focus (only if you're lacking energy) but most...

Re: Solo warrior grinding stats

I'm not sure if anyone's asked about this yet, but does anyone have an idea for the fastest leveling strategy as a warrior? Lux such as regens and off hands aren't an issue, I just want someone's input on what build I should use to level quickly while playing solo without combos or potions. Current...

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