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Re: Clans of Crom

Thank you very much Rabalder for the introduction of being a true Nordic Hooligan!

Who is next with proudly presenting their clan?

Re: Clans of Crom

Hello Kyree, thanks for being the first to throw your hat into the ring! I‘m happy to have got some proof that Crom is alive and has at least one active clan! May the slow pace of Crom be the reason that no other clan has presented itself so far? Come on guys, there must be some other active clans t...

Re: Update or servers merge

I sincerely hope that Celtic Heroes continues to live, as many have found good friends there and made the game part of their lives. Eragon123, do you as a guide have personal contact with persons of the team, like Difinitus? It would be great if they could give us a rough schedule what is planned in...

Re: Wishlist for Celtic Heroes

Thank you very much for your precious ideas! I will try to categorize some of them into what seems to be easy to manage and into what seems to be more demanding. Maybe easy for Virtual Realms: - a higher level cap, for example 250 - higher mobs, for example ranking from 220- 250, in the already exis...

Clans of Crom

As the last post in the Crom section was 6 months ago, let‘s revive Crom a bit! There are several clans. Some come and go, others have been active for years. But who is the leader? What are the main things a clan stands for? Does the clan ally with others? How long does it exist? And to complete the...

Wishlist for Celtic Heroes

Hello everyone, as this is my preferred MMORPG and I don‘t want to see it die, I want to collect some suggestions for future development. I would appreciate if we could get a heads up from the admins, if some of the ideas can come true in the future. For example: - a new area - a higher level cap/mo...

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