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Re: Speculation...

Hallendheime wrote:A feature is being added to the pet system, what could that be? Maybe a "Spirt Version" of each pet?

Omg! 342 dragon eggs needed. Why wouldn't that surprise me? LMAO

Re: Dont update CH but we need an update in WarhammerOdyssey.

Op Troll, you'll be happy to know there is another Warhammer update scheduled for 6/3/21, so skip on over there and knock your socks off! Btw, I read the WH discord and noticed you don't post your trolling.....errr...enlightening comments over there, which would be the appropriate place to praise th...

Re: Keyboard issues

I just got a new phone trying to fix my problem of being unable to use my cell service to play. I am still only able to play using a wifi, not my carriers 5g or even 4g connection, but I had what sounds like a similar problem. In checking the chat settings for the game I found it had defaulted to &...

Re: Keyboard issues

My Samsung Tablets updated this morning (Galaxy Tab S5e, Android 11, Kernel and the keyboard is no longer working in game. The line comes up to type into, but no keyboard appears. I've tried various settings and various keyboards including Samsung, Google and Multiling... Kinda st...

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