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The Forgotten (Fingal)

Looking for any and all players who want to revive fingal. The forgotten clan is a roll based clan that is just wanting to let people enjoy the game again and save fingal. We have hopes to take on Dino one day and definitely put an end to whykickamoocows terror on fingal. If you are interested and p...

The Forgotten

The forgotten is recruiting active to semi active player who want a friendly place to hangout talk or even boss. We are roll based clan that’s super relaxed. We want to revive fingal and bring it back to its glory days.


I know that the developers like to pop into the game here and there but if seems they stick to one server. I don’t ask for much but honestly fingal is dead, like there are only 4 pages on the AH and usually it’s the same person with multiple alts. There is one clan that rules all drops and your luck...

Lost email

I’m not sure what the email on my account is and I have prior emails saved and what not where do I go to find it so I. An change it. Who do I get ahold of or anything.

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