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System won't let me login.

Ok so I'm on a new phone and I've tried to sign in, put in my correct (I know this for sure because I've never changed the password to any of my games ever and they all use the same password) password and I'm told it is incorrect. so I go through the 'reset password' spiel and deca sends me a new on...

Re: April fools or nah?

Hmm. My internet is fine.. I'll try re installing hopefully that'll fix it. Thank you for your reply. 😌 Edit: i figured it out, I had downloaded other apps to play while we were down and they took too much room. Aldo you left yourself open to a dirty joke but im a gentleman so ill let you think abou...

Re: Servers

I second that. Would like to see some compensation for the down time though. I mean if not whatever, but just saying like even just 100 plat would go a long way with the community morale.

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