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Re: Warrior questions, seeking advice

use axe mainhand to start with and frozen if u can farm for bone armour then DL for jewels go with stats stuff and learn what hotswap is im pretty sure u well find alot of it in forums or yt stats str vit foc put ammount of how much u need in each foc and vit unless u use pots ALOT OF EM go full str...


for cooking should i lvl it up first then do abilities or both togother? i dont really care about if it gonna take long or no just need less cost lol

Re: dragon pet for warrior

So last week I got lucky with a pheonix egg and lost my mind. I usually only get aeon stuff. Got that a Nice horse mount then got a freaking reindeer bell next day. Lucky. Anyways to the point. This morning I bought 60 chests. Pulled a dragon egg after I pulled a 95% staff mount. I already have phe...

Re: Leveling

What about blunt / mace
i dont rlly recommend using blunt for lvling unless u are hasted all the time it deals high dmg but slower

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