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Will there be doble platinum and 150% exp during the upgrade? Developers give an answer plz

What to do next ?

What to do next in the story? I went through these three quests several times and nothing new, where to go next https://i.postimg.cc/bvQ37x5p/Screenshot-2021-05-04-23-39-35-656-com-onethumbmobile-celticheroes.jpg https://i.postimg.cc/MHG5fhpp/Screenshot-2021-05-04-23-39-37-903-com-onethumbmobile-cel...

Re: My ax is broken :(

SweetLoli wrote:Advise a good ax in the main hand for 107 lvl, it's just that my onyx ax just broke and I don't know which one and where to get a new one.

Just buy one lol, not hard.

And where to buy it. I just bought it at an auction

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