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Scammed by the Support ?

My accounts are banned without any good explanation from the Support. I don’t know what happened because I always respected the rules. I was playing this game since 2011, I bought a lot of plats and spent a lot of time and energy leveling and gearing my chars. Does anyone know how to proceed in orde...

Re: Server merging

A good idea would be to transfer characters from a servers with dominant clan to a dying server. For example, transferring a whole clan. I don’t know if it could be possible but I think this will solve the dying servers problem. On our server only the dominant clan enjoys the game. They are selling ...

Bosses glitched

Since yesterday we observed that after killing the bosses in a lock group we don’t get the drops. Also is not showing the boss was killed. Did everyone observed that too or only in Gwydion?

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