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Re: Any updateeeeeeee

Stop updating the game, shutdown Celtic Heroes and remove the worst community in gaming history. Lets create a new and friendly community in Warhammer Oddysey. I think you’re on the wrong forums, so I’ll guide you to the correct one first : https://forum.warhammerodyssey.com/ You say Warhammer: Ody...

Re: Dino wand vs Gele wands

What about grimoires? Would it be possible to get critics frequently if we add a tier 6 dragon (+1k critical skill ability) + a dark dino grim (+900 critic skill ability) + cg offy (+250 critic skill ability) ?? Does anyone know if this would be a viable source of dps dino grims are pretty neat if ...

Re: Dino wand vs Gele wands

SamySamSamBoss2000 wrote:Yeah I'm talking about swapping of the dino grim. If other people are casting the skill then it's fine otherwise it suffers a little.

no its not lol, i’d like to know if you’ve actually got an eg mage toon or you’re just saying stuff on the basis of reading different posts on the forums

Re: Dino wand vs Gele wands

l suppose when you're going really hardcore you swap the grimoire for lure, attune and incinerate. shadow+ dino wand beats void mord grim (just from the top of my head, my attune with mord grim was around 3000ish but with my dino wand its close to 3100) when it comes to incin, lures and attune. if ...

Re: Dino wand vs Gele wands

when I got my 4th invo I calculated the total dps from using a shadow (only fire wand on my server) ashes wand vs 2 shadow (fs & shards) and 1 dark (fb) gele wands and while the difference isn’t much (think ashes beat them by ~160 dps) its safe to say that unless your server has void gele wands ...

Re: If you had 11Mill....

I'd buy another pure 11 mil might seems like like alot, but average player could earn it in couple weeks playing like 3 hrs a day. On Taranis imp bt items trade for 10-25 mln how do ppl make that kind of money? i cant even make 100k lol https://i.postimg.cc/TY8TqHvg/0-C34729-F-04-E2-45-DF-88-E6-4-B...

Re: Lag is back

Resets used to “fix” lag problems to an extent for sometime, but now resets end up causing more problems. Something needs to be done, and I can say for sure it’s not my connection that’s trash

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