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Re: Best clan on mabon? (Im new here)

Where have I said that I'm better than anyone? Lol. Maybe I read too much into the your comment. For that I apologize. But lets be real here, Elite got and still gets a lot of undeserved hate even though they are a dead clan. Am I saying they never did anything wrong? No.. Both Elite and WG have don...

Re: Best clan on mabon? (Im new here)

You're right. You definitely had no intentions whatsoever of insulting Elite. As for me being on a high horse, I was merely asking you to be respectful, anyone with half a brain could see that. I do play occasionally. Game content is lacking in many aspects. I'd rather spend my time playing Overwatc...

Re: Best clan on mabon? (Im new here)

Haven is Elite, they had to recreate the clan when Update 3 came out because of a bug, its the same clan, just different name. Was**** *in before the flame war starts* Talks about flame wars, proceeds to insult a clan that dominated for years. WG has barely been on top for a few months. Have some c...

Re: Full dex auto ranger

I've been using the full dex auto build for a while now. The difference in dmg on the stat page is pretty big, but on bosses it's actually very small.. Like 50-100 dmg difference. I've gotten kills with full str and full dex so it's hard to tell which one is better, but I'm leaning towards the dex b...

Re: Is spear ranger viable?

Loco cola wrote:
Curry30423 wrote:
FruitcakeLuuk wrote:Does rapidshot work with an spear?


I tried it, if you cast rapid shot with a bow then swap to a spear it says "rapid shot removed" and the haste is removed. It cannot be casted with spear either.

It does work.

Divine damage fluctuation

Was it ever confirmed that divine dmg isn't resisted? And if so shouldn't divine dmg output be static? EDL aura plus EDL offhand gives us 450 divine dmg so in theory our autos should never fall below 450 on end game bosses. With EDL quiver skill rangers have a total of 1250 divine dmg so our autos s...

Re: How to be a Professional DPS Ranger

Spear Ranger : will be running builds containing steady aim, double attack, skewer. (optional) Majority of the points will be allocated in STR. You can also choose to hotbar your bow to cast bolas and sharpen weapons, these two skills cannot be casted while holding a spear. Use combo or haste elixi...

Re: Entangle dex based?

^really? I've never noticed a difference, if bolas lands on any level mob from any level ranger it's the same 30 secs and movement reduction speed from my observations. I have however noticed when you're a lot higher level then the mob no matter the * your hit chance of bolas landing is increased.....

Re: Entangle dex based?

I just got the skill entangle, and in the skill description it mentions that entangle is a dex based skill. Yet I could not see how dex specifically affects entangle. Is it simply a display error and that entangle is a non-dex skill like bolas, camouflage, and rapid shot? Or is there some hidden st...

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