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Re: Evaision build, feasible?

I sometimes do this on my 175 rogue. Artic wings 1500 evades, shrouding brace 500, 500 on another ring (falcon?) and 300 on 3 evade types from another brace. I use shadow, sharp and rend plus ammy dot skill. Use reflexes for defence. It good on 1 stars or 2 stars but find it not great above that. Al...

Re: Ruining Gelebron fight?!

Why not do gelebron together. If u guys are honest with drops then it will be easier to trust the next time. Just let past rubbish go.

And seeing people like lock battles why not take turns on Mecro and other bosses but have every 3rd kill a lock fight.

Try to think outside the box.

Re: Alchemists

Bitey wrote:
Muldar wrote:

We need a caption contest with this image :lol:

Penny....knock knock....Penny....knock knock....Penny.....knock.knock....Penny.....

Re: New lux vendor

@ Muldar. I'm happy to accept that was the motivation but how does that make it better from a player perspective ? And the fact there is no parallel event Lux Trader makes it worse. You say people don't have to buy from this Trader but where is the alternative. That sounds rude and really I do not m...

Re: New lux vendor

It's the most brazen thing OTM have ever done. Yes basically gambling. Reaaly feel disgusted in a way even the initial Pet token/Hunter favour setup never caused me to be, and that was pretty obviously a way to push Chest sales. At least you got a Pet out of that which was a new thing. I know all MM...

Re: Update 1+

I like the new quest starting in OW and then ends up in Murky Vaults and a certain old friend's astral projection and the history of the old heroes. Havent finished yet but I think it's cool so far. Forum users have been asking for more quests post the Blacstone OW entry quest. So nice to see quite ...

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