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Re: Epona Rules!

Isn't the ban upon being in a clan like Subterfuge and not to trade any of them a little too harsh?? I mean, can't one voice their opinion w out getting banned???

Re: My art of my character!

https://i.postimg.cc/SKJW6CfC/IMG-20191110-141416.jpg I hope you all like it! X) I drew this a whle back, figured I'd post it as well. wow looks beautiful if only there was someone to draw my doki fire boi :-) I can do tht if u want!X) Just pm me a refference pic n we'll talk prices uwu

Re: Admin plz read this

Its been over 4 months since i sent mutliple messages to support they havent done anything to help me solve my situation of currupt seedling. I would apprecaite it if they could turn all my seedling back in their tradeable form becuase I made a mistake thinking the pets were like mounts and i bough...

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