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Re: Epona Server Issues

Hello Heroes, We've had to divert some of our Celtic Heroes server budget to our new game, Warhammer Odyssey, part of the Warhammer™ franchise. Which starting from the 22nd of February you can download for free on iOS and android across all regions! We hope to begin working on Celtic Heroes again v...

Re: Gender Change

If you can lvl your toons to 200 and you can play for 3 or more years, creating a new toon is so easy to you. You can lvl your toon to 200 without spending cash but if you spend cash its so easy. Ok you don’t need to make a second post repeating yourself, and no thanks I’d like it in my main :lol:

Re: Gender Change

Hison wrote:idk about a lot of people as I have heard this first time but I do know someone on Epona wants to change their mage from male to female because he doesn’t like being a male mage ;)

If you’re from the band that’s me LOL

Also if you ask around you’ll see that there are many others ;)

Re: Gender Change

Mind wrote:Honestly it'd make sense if it were added to barbershop options as it is primarily a cosmetic change (in context).

That’s what I was thinking, it’s a good addition to game honestly.

Gender Change

Although I don’t usually post on forums, this is a really frustrating topic. I have noticed many people are looking for this option, the option to change gender. Now, something we really want, would be a good idea to give, and of course, can only be changed with the option of a plat item, from a che...

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