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Re: Apostate bracelet

There has been accounts of the 5 star rare spawning in all three corners of the corridor where there are 2-4 star mage placeholders. Thing is there is no screenshots. Can you provide me 1 pls besides the 1 mage corner. Doesn’t exist. Because the only spawn is the 1 mage corner. There’s a bunch of s...

Re: Server merge

Please merge Sulis with another server. My hope would be fingal, but fingal is active. Just my characters are from sulis and fingal. Hopefully Sulis is merged I am +1/2 (1/2 because I feel like my reason is not entirely for the right reasons) +1 I have no good reason either but good luck Fingal :)

Re: Need new chest

bring back kites, 5 servers dont have any at all. and theyd improve chest sales a lot You’re absolutely right that kites would make these chests expensive as hell. I personally support it but I’d expect the hoarders/collectors would have a huge problem with it. Would it be hard to introduce new kit...

Re: Need new chest

Ardmair and Lanrik we haven't seen before. I agree with making them slightly rarer if the next set of chests will be with us as long as the current ones have. Alternatively I liked the first edition of Aeon chests where you could get ANYTHING from them. It might help preserve the value of certain se...

Re: Ideal Level?

There is no further lock penalty once you hit 230 so the ideal level for killing 220 bosses is... as high as you can possibly get?

Re: Next months

I think you guys are misundestanding this. Warhammer is delayed, not postponed or cancelled. Development is still 100% focussed on Warhammer, it's just going to be a little later than expected. This has no bearing on anything CH related so I have no idea why anyone expects any focus to shift over to...

Re: Petition for Dino drops to be mailed to clans that lost Dino due to poor reset notife

just mail some useless majestic junk no one will ever use :D That brings up a fair point - if VR were to send out dhio drops to players, there's a pretty good chance that players will just get upset with the items that are sent, regardless of whether VR specifically picks out the drops or uses RNG ...

Re: Petition for Dino drops to be mailed to clans that lost Dino due to poor reset notife

-1 no drops is fine otherwise you’ll have to compensate everyone even for hrung kills and crap that shut off while at 1% They should imo. Using past cases as precedent for what should happen with new ones, in the past if it was due to an unfair quantity of time provided no matter the boss players w...

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