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Re: Fix ASAP

The next time witch spawns lets all work together to take it down, mages and druids should avoid Area of effect skills (like firestorm, iceblast, stinging swarm, and explosive arrow for rangers) kill ZKILLS on sight cos he's a major problem, i'll be there with a squad of my own to take down those pe...

Re: Arena lag

My lag also bad, i can't even resurect after i die, takes a long time and it really affects gameplay, i hope i get my rewards cos i died alot of times and couldn't respawn, pls vr should fix.

Re: Bows?

Oh.. So I'm not there yet. Are there any other bows that are better than the Ancient Short-bow and the Crafted War Bow that are in my level range? i've seen some players with other bows like the dor-klen/dor- keln bow or however it is spelled, it has different level requirements starting starting f...

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