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Re: To the OGs who still play

I currently have a collection of one of each 5% mounts Same! Each event I would purchase the 5% mount from store. It's really a shame that they no longer have a gold-based mount shop. One regret I have is not getting all the Lugh Masks or Witch Hats... They required sooo many shards/pumpkins compar...

Re: Witch

Broken PVP + low reward vs. effort (+ no reward for most servers) + non-constructive raiding experience + player visibility limitations + unbalanced loot distribution = no one really wants to kill

Re: Heal majestic vs godly

The relationship is approximately 5 nature magic = 1 focus

So... 700 Nature Magic + 70 Focus is roughly 700 + 350 = 1050 Nature Magic

It is expected that the Majestic ring will give slightly more healing power!

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