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Re: Bosses Enraging

ryandragon wrote:Anyone know the exact mechanics of bosses raging?

Do all bosses enrage the same? (Increased auto speed etc?)
If not, what are the differences?

Thank you in advance!

All bosses enrage the same, I believe the only change is a 5x auto attack damage (no change to attack speed nor attack).

Re: Support

Cranshaw wrote:Don’t feel bad I’ve been waiting for my reply and I’ve been a player and plat buyer since 2011........by their response I see no reason to return.........I’ll wait.....

Supppppp.. those that remember

Wow I'm surprised you only had 87 posts. :lol:

Re: What I'd like to see

My guess is they had contract obligations for WH:O (release by end of 2020?) and the pandemic really messed up their timeline. That would explain the complete stall on CH while they focused everyone on WH:O, the soft launch at the end of December, and the rush to release v1 asap. I can't really blam...

Re: Gardens offhands

Not a mage, but if the skills are the same skill (name, level, and effect) it won't reset when you swap offhands. However, I believe the fire offhand skill does a fire lure and the ice offhand skill does an ice lure, so it should reset when you swap.

Re: What I'd like to see

Isn't a petition for the return of OTM possible ? Or at least a team with a real will and motivation to take care of CH. We know that they are working on WHO but that doesn't explain the silence for the last few years, the same when you send them an email, whether it's the support in the game, or o...

Re: Solo lixing as druid

So i just wanted to ask what is the best buff to use while solo lvling? (Not including bark and bless cause i use those already) i have 6.7k hp and 9k focus. Am i wasting skill points on bless? Should i just put it all in bark instead? Or howling wind idk so i ask here. Thank you for the input, any...

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