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Re: Hello players!

Hey! I'm a big fan of World of Warcraft - I am playing this game since the very first version - World of Warcraft Classic. I have done everything in that game. The best server you can choose is the official one. It's the only one without any bugs and which works stable, but it's pretty difficult to ...

Re: The Dino raid.

I believe( at least based on our attempts) that for the most part the raid is balanced in terms of orb spawns and bashing. There are many bugs/glitches that need to be worked on including Teleportation and Targeting. The orbs aren’t really hard to avoid once you’ve figured out their patterns. The th...

Re: Against the dominance

A quick reminder to please discuss the idea of dominant clans, without naming specific clans. You guys have been doing great so far and it’s an interesting topic. Naming specific clans will cause arguing which will derail the topic into petty fighting. Thanks! I’m looking forward to see where this c...

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