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Re: Samhain is arriving!

Why would anyone want an obsolete mainhand mount besides for nostalgic reasons? The game has evolved, move on people. I hope that it's a battlemount but probably a reskin of the undead horses from the sounds of it. Glad seasonal items are coming back but something new would be nice.

Re: Epona Boss Rules query

A damage offhand, like 10 magic damage. Also I was wondering if a masters grim would be an acceptable offhand for DL. At level 150. Thats the same as no offhand pretty much, not acceptable for dl bosses mate but like above if your clannies are the only ones present at the boss and they dont mind yo...

Re: Epona Boss Rules query

So my question is, do the rules apply to everyone? No one is above the rules In this case if the group were a bunch of friends then ofcourse someone underlevelled or geared could join and even keep the drop but if anyone was against it they would need to turn in the drop Only thing is I have a crap...

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