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Re: Celtic Heroes Battle Royale!

Who's hyped!? I know for sure I am. No longer will I play pubg or fortnite, no....I will play a battle royale game in my favorite game, Celtic Heroes!!! Sad to see that the Battle Royale option wasn't added yet, but I'm ready for it when it comes. I have been camping the start screen for 48+ hours ...

Re: Cooking.

Is there any mage food equivalent to baras? If so what is it and how do u get it i know 2 the *monkfish fillet*, the one that gives 200 focus and 80 vit and the *spicy and minty fruit salads*, u need kill the little trees in ow to get raspberries and blueberries to do the exq rare fruit salad the s...

Why Mages are Druids, Fire Mages are Better and How to Use Illegal Skills

The life of a mage suppostaly starts when u press the button mage, and u think u are a mage now no? Boom u did a big mistake becuase mages doesnt exists, the big true is that u are a druid with damage. Why u are a druid? I know this can looks weird but mage is only a word, the fact is that u a druid...

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