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Re: iPhone 7

I use a iPhone 7 plus and If you are getting a iPhone 7, make sure you get a iPhone 7 plus. Removes a lot of eye strain and it runs smooth, sometimes heats up after intensive use but apart from that it is great.

What should i sell

Hellooo, iv recently moved to Epona (Great server) and been merchin a lot. In the time of merching i have picked up 2 very nice fashion sets both non aeon!!!. But now time has come that i need to sell one of it to finance my self for leveling and buying lux. I am very split on both of these and i kn...

Glitched ring

I recently bought a ring by the name swamp ring, in its description it clearly says "Allowing you to freeze your enemies", my friend tested this out in pvp and against mobs and it does purely nothing. its just a lvl 1 ice shards. Is this a glitch, can it be fixed? https://i.postimg.cc/x18v...

Re: Clan Shopping

There are two clans that i personally have been in that i know will take you in with open arms. Borh are run in the same way First: my current clan, wolfgangof mabon. We are active, friendly, and many of us have years of experience. Our clan bank is currently overflowing with years worth of being t...

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