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Re: Armour Quest Boss Hunting

@battleborn i am only one of many people who care about the health of this gaming comminuty and the health of the planet. my own bottom line does not guarantee my own existence in this game or this world. saying everything is fine in this game is like saying lead water pipes are fine and the fine pe...

Re: Armour Quest Boss Hunting

@battleborn your apathy for the new players and current disparities in boss hunting is why this game is dying. im going to guess you have more than you need and lock all bosses but this same mentality is why the world only has maybe 7 years before its own environmental collapse if people continue a ...

Armour Quest Boss Hunting

We really need a change in the drop rates of all armour quest bosses. we need all armour quest bosses to drop only one type, same as otherworld bosses, so people are actually hunting Gashtyn for gems and getting drops they actually need from other bosses. for example, coppringer drop mind tabs, spid...

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