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Re: Global Auction House

Huge -1. Would ruin the prices of all my collectibles. Would it though? It would open a whole new market with different appetites for different rares, a white lugh only worth 10-20m could go for 30 in Nuada where white lughs don’t exist (as an example). Yes it would due to higher quantity from othe...

New content?

I’m creating this topic to see everyone’s idea on new content in the future updates to come, what areas would you like to see, what skills would you want implemented, what fashion would you like to see, etc... so let’s get into it. :POP: Starting on skills, a warrior skill that would bring swords ba...

Re: Pets & Mounts

I think a good idea for an update would be pet/mount fash. I dont think theres enough of it personally. Also just a weird suggestion but maybe being able to name your pets/mount would be kinda cool to. Sincerely YourBoi, Puffs Good post for the feedback section but ill give it a +1 I like the idea ...

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