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Re: Thoughts on Warhammer: Odyssey?

I'm really excited for WhO! Don't get me wrong CH is my game but I trust VR and I'm looking forward to this new games release and I hope that it will be as successful as CH thus making both games better in the long run. I can understand the rational fear that VR perhaps has a new brainchild and ch i...

Re: Please

From Ashlen MacCroin the first item equipment vendor in Shalmont Ravine. You will need to complete the quest she offers to unlock her shop.

Re: 2H weapons users

Im a huge fan of two handed weapons. My main in Lugh wielded 2h blunt until 200, my main in in Epona wielded 2h sword until 180. Both builds proved to be effective at bosses and in arena. However at higher lvls is when having an offhand truly shines. From my experience u need the elemental dmg for l...

Re: Top clan and Server

Epona is a cooperative server so the opinion of "top clan" can be quite subjective based on what you're looking for. I can say that most players earn their drops by attending bosses and winning roll ceremonies, however due to the booming number of active players it's not uncommon to see pl...

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