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New update

Come on VR in all honesty y’all have once again made a event that not everyone can join in. Maybe next time please consider all levels that are in this game not just End game toons. Nothing about BT event appeals to low level toons or mid level Honeslty!!!! Sorry just had to vent!!!


Thanks for XP event and platinum love it..maybe next time instead of Dino maybe make something like legacy bosses spawn more often or all edl and dL bosses that all levels can attend, just think of ideas cause some servers can’t take down Dino!!! Can’t wait till next update!!!!

Re: Update

Thanks so much for update we know things get hectic and things get delayed. I too have made many friends over the years in this game and won’t be leaving no time soon. Yayyy can’t wait to seee what comes next in CH keep us posted and I will be continue to enjoy this game for years to come...

Re: Witch Dead

:D I was in there when it went down , it was very disappointing. I think what sucked was only one server got drops like everyone has posted. I hope in the ultimate end VR makes this a lil funnier but keep drops fair. But hey all servers came together n made it happen.

Re: Bring old Mounts back?

I would have to agree make a mount shop or bring more items like those in chest. Make something new and make this game more fun. More events etc. with those items as possible rewards. Possible make another area to play with quests that give these rewards out.

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