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Re: Server Transfer

Two months is way too short. Needs to be somewhere from six months to a year. It should be so expensive to move that if a scammer were to move places, supposedly the items he scammed would all be spent up in the cost it took to transfer. I would say 100$ is perfectly fine since if you want to leave...

Re: Faction level 3 to 4

It takes so long for the average player to get to T4 that I still feel VR should meet us halfway and give us a reset button to reset our exp to zero so folks who wasted time on the wrong faction and those who finally got to the top shop could start the other faction at zero rather than so very far b...

Re: Rules

itemfinder(admin) wrote:
Miakoda wrote:So is your friend's argument that he didn't know botting was not permitted?

Its not my friend.
And also, its just basic knowledge. What game on earth would allow it?

Sorry. I meant Ruined's friend.

Pet Reindeer

Is the pet reindeer like the hellsteed in that you need to get uber rare tokens from chests to evolve it and its only available til the end of yule? Thanks for any info. :)

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