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Re: Build Help

Thank's for the input guys, I got the Ancient bone set with 2 dl pieces, and ill see if i cant get my hands on a reaper ring, but from what iv heard those are quite rare, and ill update my axe, and for the skill rings, what skill rings should i get? or are there any good 160 rings i should look at?

Build Help

Need help with my current build, or if anyone could give pointers to help, Gold isnt a issue so i can get any lux needed. Current Armour is Frozen set Main hand/Offhand: 140 Wyrmbone handaxe/ lvl 100 fiery axe of triumph Jewellery Amulet: Lvl 140 Pathfinder's Raven Ammy Misc: Lvl 90 Silverweb charm ...

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