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Re: Gold sink for endgame players

I would only agree with a gold sink if it was only for vanity items that serve no purpose other than fashion. As said before anything that increases a players stats will just widen the disparity between those who buy tons of plat and those who don’t. I for one always wanted weapon fashion to be a th...

Re: how many elixrs do you have

Currently I’m sitting on atleast 1.5k of each lix (including haste) except for combos. The most of one kind of lix I have atm are hp regen ones which I have around 2.5k which would also be close to my total xps but due to using them plus giving away 1k of them I’m down to 1.5k ish xps. In terms of R...

Re: Chest Contents Question

Interested in the way you guys will handle lanrik and hunter when they come into chest rotation, as the most expensive fash out of all the sets their prices will severely drop if their drop rate is even close to the same as highlander from the current chests. Personally from 400 chests during dbl pl...

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