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Re: Global Castle feedback

Chaotic not only because it lags like hell but no one likes the freaking idea. . Lets just be clear "you" do not constitute "everyone", plenty of people like the idea in principle. Yes it's not functioning exactly as we'd hoped currently but we're working on that. If you're havi...

Re: Updates Information

Of course things are always subject to change but a mild dairy would be great to be honest. I know it is hard to tie people down and if you say one thing and it’s late everyone jumps so hard. However trickles of information keep people sane :) https://i.postimg.cc/G3yjvwcN/1i3sh1.jpg

Re: Do you feel like you're completely retarded? I'll help you!

Eragon123 wrote:It's always a good idea to double check all trades and purchases...obviously not just between players! ;)

OR you could just buy a properly working brain without faulty attention system. Thanks for reassuring me, Eragon. I will anxiously await a response from Support team.

Do you feel like you're completely retarded? I'll help you!

How? Well, my friend, let me tell you a short story about a man so retarded and clumsy that he may as well become renowned and hailed for it! Read well, friend, this is a tale of the Stamp Man! That day at the auction house Stamp Man was feeling mentally fatigued. He was switching back and forth bet...

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