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Re: Leveling

Rabbit makes an effective pet also I have T6 golden hare, 2k skill, and I'm going to switch to pig due dino mechanic Depending on how fast you plan on leveling and availability of weapons on your server, spear may not be a bad idea situationally. Unless you have bt rings, void mordy spear is better...

Re: Leveling

For short: you can't be effective hybrid till very-very endgame gear. Stay dps till 220, go 3 str 2 vit, you good with roughly 4500 hp at 150 lvl, 6000-6500 at 200+. Frenzy, shatter, pummel, double attack, rupture. Bear mount, pig pet. Use axe and sword to lvl skill. Don't mess with spear, it's good...

Re: Whats best Tank Pet

If you need heals, take rabbit. If you need stats, take boar or salveroot. Even dog gives you same vit + more useful evasion + it's bite helps to keep aggro. Pig is kinda jack of all trades, there's better choice for any application. And about energy injection. I know three bosses who drain your ene...

Re: Whats best Tank Pet

Why pig is better? Due 180 vit? Rabbit heals twice better than pig regens, and has more useful evasion. Resist is more situative though. Most tanks on my server use rabbits, and I haven't seen pigs for quite long

Re: Which pet?

As a leveling warrior you should take rabbit. Rabbit regens your energy, and his heals are roughly twice better than pig's regen. As endgame toon you will get wolf/dog/boar/dragon/seedling/phoenix/whatever your clan leader say, but you should keep rabbit for solo/small group activities. PS. Mount - ...

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