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Hello from Lir

I was wondering if someone could potentially “buy” my items and xfer gold on Epona from my Lir account. I may xfer, but idk.

Re: Your New Best Friend: Design A Pet Contest

My pet is similar to that of a pheonix (unlike the dragon, which offers points for each stat) it is best suited for a certain classes. This one would be for rouges and rangers (meaning it empathizes two certain stats, like the pheonix). This pet would be a mini griffin obtained by recieving a “Baby ...

Login Issue

Hello, I am having issues logging into the server Lir. When ever I do, it is stuck on “Loading Game” for an endless amount of time. I’ve deleted and reinstalled, logged in and out of my account, played on a different server (other servers seem to work) and switched back, but I can’t log in. My name ...

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