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Re: Goodbye from tall

I been debating of playingthis game again, been playing since like 2013 or 14 I think it’s best for me to quit sorry to say.thank you to everyone for the fun times and awesome raids. I log in recently one last time and I got pm in game asking if this was me toon etc claiming to be me pls be aware I...


How much gold would you guys consider as a lot ? And how much would you say the average person has? I’m a marcher from 2012 now 2018 and I recently xferred in 50m in gold to rosmerta from arawn. But what am asking is,

Is 50m a lot?

A Different Kind Of Post

I havent always been the most supporitive of VR's choices. So has majority of playerbase. But we should really be instead thanking the guys over at the studio for all there work. They have kept us hooked and addicited for 7 whole years and hopefully many more years to come. I really like what you gu...

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